Who Are We?

Since 1993, our company specializes in international and intercity transportation, Turkey - Europe - Turkey line in all types of shipping, custom solutions to our customers with logistics and customs clearance services and offers competitive prices.
Our company, which provides transportation to all cities, has adopted the principle of fast and reliable transportation.
We work with international countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Russia.
Our company, with its 30 years experience in the international transportation and logistics sector, has achieved many successes in the fair, heavy load and project transportation.
Our fleet fully meets user requirements for transportation and offers international transportation options in accordance with European standards. We have gained extensive knowledge and experience in the field of shipping with the goods we have been carrying for years and the customers we serve. The latest technology, trained logistics, qualified drivers and experienced drivers and the latest technology used by our company has the maximum commitment.
Our values
»Customer-oriented service
»Management with objectives and data
»Total quality management and continuous improvement
»Quality of employees
»Learning and development
»Cooperation with suppliers
»Trust in the firm
»Sustainability (Economic, environmental and social)

Our Vision

With the creative solutions and alternative transportation systems we offer, our country is to be the most dynamic and highest quality brand in the logistics sector.