Qatar, or Qatar, officially, is the country extending to the Arabian Gulf to the east of the Arabian Peninsula. It is surrounded by Bahrain in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west and south and United Arab Emirates in the east. Saudi Arabia is the only border neighbor and the other sides are surrounded by the Persian Gulf. The capital is in Doha. The most important source of oil in the country is the 2000 km long highway in the country.
Railways are not developed. Air transportation is provided by Gulf-Air, the common airline of the Gulf countries. Doha Airport is the most important airport. Sea transportation is provided by the ports of Um Said and Doha. 95% of the export is made of crude oil and the rest of the remainder constitutes natural gas. It also sells ammonia and vegetables. From the outside, most of the Qatar products, including foodstuffs, are the motor vehicles and private cars.

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