Transport for Georgia is an important country in Turkey. Importance of import and export traffic and the reluctance of foreign competitors due to risks increase this importance. Due to the necessity of carrying Georgian freight transport routes through Iraq and Syria and the internal turmoil in these countries, road transport involves serious risks. For this reason, combined transportation is preferred with maritime transport.
Self akınnakliyat, with every passing day Turkey is rapidly growing vehicle fleet to transit shipments to Georgia. It transports the cargoes it carries through its offices and connections in the countries of the region to the cities of Saudi Arabia in insurance guarantee and competitive prices.
Öz Akın Transport, Georgia transports all the cities of Jeddah, Mecca, Medina and Riyadh. Saudi Arabia provides 24/7 service with its expert staff in transportation. All of the operations are covered by CMR insurance in order to guarantee the damages and negativities that may occur.
Partial transportation (groupage) services are carried out on certain days every week in Georgia transportation. Öz Akın Logistics aims to be a leader among Saudi Arabia transportation companies with its perfect service understanding.
It closely monitors the opportunities provided by technology in transportation and makes maximum use of these opportunities. In addition, every year rejuvenate the fleet; We strive to provide a safer, more environmentally friendly and more economical service.
Öz Akın Transport staff is in charge of the customs laws of Georgia where it provides transportation services. With its continuously increasing experience, it reinforces the trust of its customers.
Transportation to Georgia is generally made of automotive, food, spare parts, household appliances, electronics, iron and steel, textiles, furniture, building materials, etc. services are provided to sectors.
Plans are carried out with precision to ensure that the loads are in the desired place in time. Therefore, success in time management brings customer satisfaction. Öz Akın Nakliyat has adopted the principle of providing a service that always improves in order to ensure customer satisfaction.
Complete and partial transports
Safe and timely delivery
Insured transport
Experienced and expert staff
24 hour expert support
Technological equipment
Vehicle tracking via satellites via GPS system
Total fleet of goods
Project and heavy load transportation organizations
To inform the customer at all stages of service

Other Services