Ship Transport

Öz Akın, which provides quality services in this field, comes to the fore with its wide agency network and quality works. When it is called export and import, sea transportation, which is one of the first transportation services to mind, has become more and more frequently used by Öz Akın effective and quality solutions.
The cargo of all sizes, thanks to an extensive network of agencies, the world's any point which performs the export to any destination in the world from the import into Turkey and firm, reasonable cost with good quality, it is right for a quick and complete service. Öz Akın offers services such as port to port, port to port and door to port to its customers.
Öz Akın, which provides a complete service to all its customers who import and export, is also gaining confidence because it is one of the oldest companies in the sector. All ports of Turkey's rapidly maritime transport service company to all ports in the world that is fast, reliable and affordable service offers to customers at all times. Öz Akın, who produces high quality solutions for the needs of his customers, continues to reflect on all his experience from the day it was founded.
By this time, the company, following all the innovations and technological developments in the sector, blends them with their own works and on the other hand carries the items such as dangerous goods, chemicals, livestock and perishable cargo products in a reliable way. Thanks to this service, which is given by expert staff and quality technology, customers have no worries about dangerous goods.