Airways Transporting

Öz Akın, which provides services to almost every point of the world through its powerful and wide agency network, stands out as one of the oldest companies in the sector. Founded in Hatay in 1993, the company provides confidence in its customers, offers quality solutions in air transportation.
One hundred percent customer satisfaction studies based on self thanks to all the work with the flow of the bottom forehead received so far, Akin agency network and easily reach many locations the products with high quality aircraft fleet. Reasonable prices, quality agency network in the world, to the door delivery service to virtually every point, offering services such as handling many kinds of products, including hazardous materials Self Akin, is located in an important position in the sector.
Öz Akın is preferred not only from the airport to the airport but also from the airport to the door. Providing effective and quality solutions to all needs of its customers, the company also carries out distribution, storage, customs and insurance processes in a professional manner. Hanging products, dangerous substances, transport of live animals, general items, perishables, and thanks to the many product types of the air transport system to heavy goods leads to many of the world of Oz Akin, it impresses with its safe transport. The company, which is particularly successful in the hazardous material transportation sector, easily transports these items to the specified area without any problems with its trained personnel and correct packaging service. Security approach, equipment and novelties strictly up to this time, thanks to company follows all kinds of goods, which expressed many companies (live animals, hazardous materials, chemicals, such as perishable cargo) was entrusted Oz Akin with complacency.
One of the oldest companies in the industry, Öz Akın has been providing effective solutions to its customers.