The Importance of International Transportation in Antakya

Especially after the construction of motor vehicles coming after the Second World War and the developments after the road transport has an important place.
It has become the most preferred transportation with the road becoming safe and cheap. Nowadays, road transport, including developed countries, uses between 50 and 75 percent of international road transport, 70 percent of goods and 95 percent of goods.
Another importance of the highway is the flexibility of the transportation system system according to geographical availability. In other words, the transportation which will be realized without the need of air and sea transportation, which are the other transportation systems, provides ease of transmission by the so-called Yani door to door ıs transportation.
Having an important role in the road freight transport operations in Turkey are also developing fast and significant growth in meaning. Within the international market, it reaches the power to compete within countries. According to the year-end analysis of the year 2001, it is stated that the number of companies that have permission to transport internationally by the Ministry of Transport and Communication is 892. The total amount of the fleet carried by 892 companies carrying this road has been reported as 711 thousand tons. Again, according to the figures released by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, passenger transport, according to the analysis at the end of 2001, the number of documents authorized to carry passengers has found 138 firms. The number of buses used by the 138 companies with this road passenger transport certificate was 1571 and the number of seats was 77419.
Turkey also exports to a total of 15 tons for international countries as a percentage value is stated that in a little more than 46 percent.

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