Container Transportation in Hatay

As a result of this perspective, when we continue to develop international transportation of goods in a fast and reliable manner, the means and equipment used in the transportation process are becoming more important. Before we start an operation, we consider some factors such as the quality of the cargo and the location of the delivery.
Nowadays, door to door is becoming increasingly important. However, it is only possible to transport goods from the exit point to the destination with only one vehicle. At this point, in order to save time and money, it is necessary not to waste much time in the handling phase and therefore to keep costs to a minimum. Container transportation is a form of transportation that benefits us.
What is a Container?
Although I do not like the definitions very much, Turkish container institution container; He described it as uluslararası the big chest made according to international standards for carrying various goods “. If we say those who set international standards, then International Organization for Standardization. According to ISO standards, we can divide containers into 20 and 40. Of course, among them; it is possible to categorize according to the usage patterns, the material, and the purpose.
We have already said that most of the international transport in the world is done by Sea. In addition, approximately 85% of the sea transport is used in containers. Containers are the only equipment used in seaway since they can be used to transport more than one kind of goods at the same time due to their physical properties and can be used many times.
It is useful to open up the benefits of the containers further; As a result, a closed box (although some types of containers are different) and being protected against external factors, prevent the physical effects that may come from outside during the transportation of the goods. With this feature, we can handle the goods in a more comfortable and healthy way. If we are rational in filling the container, we also have the possibility to carry more loads and this will reduce our costs. I told you it's important to move from door to door. The containers are easy to transport as they are designed to be transported easily to the landlords' warehouses thanks to the special semi-trailers that are transported from the vessels. In short, our environmental containers offer us great benefits both in terms of cost and functionality.
Today, we have the possibility of transporting many different products with this mode thanks to the containers with different characteristics. White goods, foodstuffs, various raw materials, equipment used in industry and their parts, materials used in the construction industry, fixing products, bulk cargoes, agricultural products and many different product groups are possible. In addition, ‘Hazardous Goods‘ which is called as taşın Load of Loads Ayrıca in the sector can also be carried with this mode.
Container Transport Activities
The increasing trade volume and the diversification of goods movements on the Earth make the consolidation of the products compulsory. When loads that are subject to international trade are sometimes unable to fill a whole container, loads with different buyers can be transported in a partial container. At this point, we have been carrying Full Container (FCL) and Partial Container (LCL) transports.
If the load to be transported covers the whole container, we call it the complete container load. In such FCL shipments, the owner may contract with the shipping agent or the forwarder company for certain periods. Of course, in order to be able to contract with the shipping agent, it is necessary to carry annual and regular capacity over a certain capacity. When FCL cargoes arrive at the port, load holders can bring the container into their own warehouse and unload it into the warehouse of the logistics company where they receive service. Of course, in this case, since the container is out of the port area, a provisional acceptance commitment must be signed for the shipping agency or forwarder company.
For LCL installations that cannot fill a container (Less Than Container Load); Loads with two or more receivers are consolidated into the container. When the container arrives at the port, the owners are opened under the control of the buyers' customs. LCL downloads; in the direction of previously received information either at the port or from the warehouse of the logistics company.
As I said at the beginning of my article, I am not sure how much I can write about this type of transportation. therefore, I will try to address other relevant issues in my later articles. Finally, I summarize the expressions that might be relevant to such installations and conclude my writing here.
FCL / LCL: The load of two or more exporters is loaded into a single container and the importer is the only company.
LCL / FCL: The container loaded by an exporter also has the burden of two or more importers.
FCL / FCL: This is the case where the entire container load is an exporter and an importer.
LCL / LCL: This is the case where the partial freight loaded into the container is an exporter and an importer.


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